Andrew Jilin: musician, music teacher, composer

My name is Andrew Jilin! I have been playing music all my life. I played drums, bass and other instruments in rock bands. However, once I heard a touching sound of flute. I was inspired so deeply! It sounded like an ocean breeze, like a wind in the trees, like a whisper on the ear saying something very important and sacred. The time stopped. I was drifting freely through my feelings and thoughts looking at them from the distance. This was a sound of Japanese Bamboo flute Shakuhachi. Zen monks Komuso played this flute for ages. They were playing not for entertainment but for enlightenment. This moment was a turning point for all my life. I got my first flute, gave up smoking and went to study Japanese music in Moscow State Conservatory. Exciting things happened next. I became a part of Moscow State Conservatory ensemble of Japanese music WA-On (a harmony of sound in Japanese), found Marco Lienhard (my teacher now), and finally joined World Shakuhachi Festival 2012 in Kyoto. I was the only one to represent Russia there. In 2012 my first record followed - shakuhachi flute recorded live in different parts of the world. I am the founder and the leader of Russian shakuhachi society ( In 2014, my second album was released in November. This album was called “Calm and free”. I recorded 6 traditional Japanese tunes and two pieces of my composition. In addition, there were a lot concerts of solo shakuhachi, shakuhachi and classical guitar held. My concerts took place in Moscow State Conservatory, teahouses and clubs in Moscow, Minsk (Belarus), Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Sakhalin, Kiev. In 2016, I released an album called “The last day of summer”. I recorded my new pieces with classical guitar and a string quartet.


First, in any project I am involved in I play music. Music for the people! I truly believe that music is a language of Universe. Through music, we can exchange feelings and senses, dreams and hopes, peace and freedom of our souls. I truly believe that my music is always with me. It is everywhere I go. I take my flute with me everywhere and try to express the feelings that I have in different places of the world. I do not need to have a full stack of amplifiers, wires, mikes and light equipment just to say: "Hey, the sun under the sea today is so beautiful! ». In my music, there is the Sound and the Silence, which is as important as the Sound is! This is real Zen life!


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